Who we are


ScutterWare is group of businessmen and software architects bringing innovation to the paint contracting industry.  For the last 30 years, or perhaps even longer, estimation of paint bids has been little more than dividing labor and material rates into square footage and gallons of paint.  Spreadsheet technology advanced the speed of calculations, but otherwise involves the same process.  As of late, internet gateways have begun offering accumulation of units for performing estimation. But such units are merely pre-calculated combinations of labor & materials. They are static, based on averages, and require constructing a new unit for every new situation. 

ScutterWare brings an entirely new approach to estimation not found anywhere else in the industry: mathematical modeling.  Dynamic. Interactive. Powerful. Fast. 

What we do


Execution is the working outcome of innovation. Technology put to work: in the form that you need, under the conditions in which you work, delivering the results that you want. The PUPS program can be used in the office, or in the field. A single standalone for your computer.  Or connect computers across the internet to everyone can work together. No internet in the field? No problem - switch to local only and sync together once back in range of the net. 

Estimation is only the beginning. Let PUPS help drive your entire business. Produce work orders. Paint orders for your suppliers. Sign offs for your customers. Collect crew hours. Calculate costs for materials and labor. Labor costs generated for subs or employees. Productivity compensation system for employees. Calculate hours-to-complete each job, and place jobs in schedule to project backlogs. Capture documents in the system by the job for easy retrieval later - keeps the documents you need for government compliance all in one place. 

The estimation process is fast, and easy to do at the customers door. Print a ready to sign proposal on the spot (requires suitable printer setup.) Get more estimates done in a week than you ever have before.