Estimation & Management Software for Paint Contractors

Power Up!

Power Up Performance Software - PUPS! A complete software package for paint contractors, with an innovative estimation system that is truly unique in the industry. PUPS is fast, flexible... and a LOT more!
Designed for REAL Mobility!

PUPS is a designed as a Point-of-Sale system for on-location use. In Local Mode, no internet is required to perform a takeoff, calculate estimates, and produce a Signature-ready proposal. Install a printer in your vehicle and print it out before leaving the customer’s location.

Innovative Estimation System

Proprietary estimation system using ingenuous mathematical modeling. This is what an estimation system should be, showing bid prices AND costs. A single input of measurements that can be adjusted, duplicated, or multiplied. It will handle a room, a house, or an entire subdivision!

Operational Collaboration

Estimates & proposals performed in Local Mode can be synced to a combined company cloud drive for collaboration. Access to company records is controlled with roles types, giving visibility to those who need it. PUPS has a full scheduling module for crew assignment and job tracking.

Efficient Management

Workflow tracking for operational control. Assign leads to estimators. Project jobs and workloads in the Scheduler. Issue detailed Work Orders. Produce Paint Orders for your supplier. Electronic document capture by the job for documentation and easy retrieval.

This is no spreadsheet. Nor a simple unitized, labor/material approach that's been around for decades. PUPS is an innovative mathematical modeling system grounded on a powerful database engine - designed exclusively for paint contractors. It drives estimates for almost anything: 1 room or 100 homes. Preset estimate groups are provided for interiors, exteriors, and decks. Customize these or make your own. These presets make takeoff entry fast! Produce one bid, or variations of the same bid. No need to reenter the takeoff information each time. The Command Center can combine, multiple, add, and segment as desired. Save each version for easy retrieval later. Dynamic. Flexible. Powerful.

Move Your Business Forward

Automate your estimation and operations with PUPS. Increase sales. Improve efficiency. Lower costs. Increase profits.
Consider What PUPS Can Do for You

PUPS is fast. Really fast. Preset takeoff templates provide for systematic entry that is both convenience and flexible. Templates can be added, deleted, or modified to suit. Get more bids done, faster and more accurate. PUPS Tiled Proposal format automatically produces multiple coating options, for multiple paint products. This unique system saves buckets of time upfront, and help reduce callbacks for proposal revisions. Still need a revision? This existing takeoff be copied and modified to produce multiple new proposal versions. These kinds of revision used to you forever - but not anymore. PUPS leverages your takeoff set to produce dozens of outputs that save time and increase efficiency: crew costing, sundries allowances, profitability analyses, crew budget hours, scheduling, proposals, work order, paint orders… and more. PUPS moves your business ahead with increased efficiency, productivity and control. Better bid proposals help improve sales and profits. Because small mistakes make big differences on large jobs! And bad numbers on small jobs add up by the end of the year.

  • Increase Sales

    Offering proposals with a range of options makes your bids more appealing to a wider range of customers. It can increase the likelihood of landing the sale, and lets customers upsell themselves.

  • Improve Efficiency

    PUPS is fast. Get more bids done faster, and better. Easily produce proposals with multiple options, or even multiple proposals amended the way your customers want them. Each one is store for quick retrieval, saving buckets of time!

  • Lower costs

    High bids waste labor and materials: too much time given to crews that isn’t necessary, or more paint purchased than required. Low bids provide too little materials or time for labor, and screws up the projected schedule. You can lose end up losing crews and customers.

  • Increase Profits

    Accurate bids make money. Bid too high and don’t get the job. Bid too low… get low paying jobs. They waste precious crew time on jobs that won’t return a fair profit – or worse - cost money!

Many estimation systems will generate prices, but few if any provide a complete estimation system. PUPS does! See labor hours and costs by crew and crew member. Set different wages for different personnel. Adjust your crew size and mix by the job, and watch the effect on cost. Allow for supervision overhead. See a sub-equivalent cost, with and without insurance. See paint and sundries costs. Paints are separated by color. Adjust for rental equipment. Profit is analyzed by amount, percentage, and velocity. Watch profits vary as you click through the options. Adjust profit by percentage, flat bid-wide change, or adjust individual options… and this is only the estimation section of PUPS!

Key Personnel

Glen Morrison
Glen Morrison
President, Sr. Architect
Twenty years in paint contracting. Designed estimation system and business operating platform. Masters in Business Administration. Visionary.
Stephen Holder
Stephen Holder
Sr. Developer
Experienced programmer with database maintenance for multi-national corporation. Custom engineered the proprietary structure and operation of our software. Creative. Resourceful. Accomplished.
Circuit Dog
Circuit Dog
Creative Consultant
A highly-recruited individual. Tough and intelligent. An ex-Marine working on his PhD in Philosophy and Religion. Single and eligible.